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( Hydraulic Oil Coolers,Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers,Air Cooled Heat Exchanger


Hydraulic Oil Coolers, Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, Aluminum Heat Exchanger Cores, Air to Oil Heat Exchangers….made by Taiwan manufacturer: Vital-Cooler with Web.: ( Send your serious inquiries about air cooled heat exchangers to my email: ( Never try SCAMS, I know online scam skills well. Also never try solicitation for your products or services. Thanks for co-operation.
Vital-Cooler Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional designing, developing and manufacturing top quality Aluminum hydraulic oil coolers, plate-fin heat exchangers. Vital-Cooler Technology releases the innovative revolutionary coolers which are the AIRFOIL DESIGN COOLERS.

We have unique Fin-less heat exchangers to have longer life span cause NO dust accumulated on Fins after a period as well as sneatly soldering by hand at chamber joints to endure higher working pressure.

► The R&D team in Vital-Cooler is composed of different industry engineers, who have strong design and manufacturing experience for many years.

► Vital-Cooler Technology produces the landmark innovative Airfoil Design Coolers like none other on the market. The Airfoil Cooler can typically offer more than 20~25% improvement in cooling capacity over similarly sized plate-and-fin coolers.

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