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World’s FIRST hydraulically operated concrete pump which does not require a hydraulic pump.


This is it. World’s first hydraulically operated but mechanically driven & mechanically reversed self regulated simple concrete pump. Protected by international patent application no. PCT/IN2014/00088 & Indian patent application no. 3871/MUM/2013.
This is the prototype under testing with exceptionally low engine rpm (1200) and lowest stroke-length & lowest no. of strokes per minute. The prototype is also fitted with self regulating, auto-actuated highly efficient rotary valve mechanism which is protected under Indian patent application 2198/MUM/2014 & corresponding PCT application. The valve has better suction characteristics compared to the Swing tube. This is because of the fact that the swing tube occupies more space in the hopper and adversely affects suction. This new valve also insures minimum displacement of concrete during each operation & hence is subjected to minimum wear. The concrete displaced is much lesser compared to the S-tube as the S-tube has to move through the concrete during each swinging action.

A full fledged commercial version is followed especially for the entry level placements. This pump shall be useful for pumping approx. 16 cubic meter per hour and a vertical height of 40 meters . The hopper shape is further modified and is designed for higher capacity (0.4 cubic meter) and is provided with a re-mixer shaft. And of-course a well designed canopy and a very small drive cylinder. The USP of the pump is low capital & operation cost with low maintenance cost due to its simple design.
Bigger models with 30 Cubic meter per hour & above shall be shortly introduced in single & twin cylinder designs with same operating principle. All the currently available hydraulic concrete pumps cannot achieve the maximum pressure & maximum output at the same time. However this pump delivers the same output irrespective of the pumping pressure.
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