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Why Use a Y Hose Connector?


A Y Hose Connector allows you to convert one water source into two.

This is a great way to hook up two hoses to one spigot. You can wash your car, while your spouse washes the dog. Or wash off your screens while running a soaker hose.

Or …

Hook up one side to a hose and the other side to a drip timer to water all your potted plants.

Or …

Hook up a hose and a sprinkler timer system or hose end tap timer to one spigot.

Made from a single piece of solid brass, the Y Hose Connector from Red Earth Naturals is built to last from season to season. It won’t crack or split like low-grade brass or cheap plastic imitations.

The swivel connector and levers have a thermo plastic rubber over mold for easy turning without tools. Ball bearing closure insures shut off and on/off levers control water flow independently.

Best of all, the y hose adapter comes with a leak-free warranty. When you buy it on Amazon, you’ll also get a complementary copy of 9 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Yard. Reserve Yours Now!

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