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Welcome, see Demonstration of Mobile floor Manual Hydraulic Lifting Jib Crane,


Technical Enterprises, Meerut, India , manufactures “handy” Hydraulic Floor Jib Crane with extendable boom, in 1, 2 , 3 and 5 Ton capacities and vertical height reaching up to 4 meters. These are also provided with extended base in the rear for putting counter weight, in case the boom is extended beyond the base wheels. These are suitable for loading & unloading heavy material from trucks in the open yard and carry them inside the shop. These are extensively used in Engineering workshops for loading & unloading jobs on the machine tools where there is no provision of an overhead crane or it is busy else-where. In repair garrages, these are required for handling engines and its parts. These are equipped with high precision hydraulic cylinder & hard chrome plated Ram which provides upward thrust to the boom while lifting. The lowering is effected by a feather touch foot pedal or wheel valve. Lowering is hydraulically cushioned to avoid jerks. The base frame can be wide enough to take the load between the two outstanding legs. All the 4 nos. Wheels have two ball bearings each. A single handle will pull, push and steer the wheels as well as operate the pump for lifting which is a great advantage in our design.

The jib crane is also available in Electro hydraulic lifting & battery hydraulic lifting version in case of heave loads or more frequency of operation as lifting done by a hand lever mounted on power pack place on the front of jib crane. Visit: and call : 0091 9313159058 .

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