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Webster Industries hydraulic crankshaft damper puller-installer tool


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Effortlessly removes and installs your harmonic damper. The power
puller kit comes with everything needed to remove or install a
harmonic damper.

The hydraulic ram has a 1/2 inch hole all the way
through it, which allows it slip over a special heat treated stud that is
screwed into the crankshaft snout. The studs are threaded 1/2-20 (big
block Chevy) and 7/16-20 (small block Chevy and adapters). The
power ram has two flanges on it, one on each end. The pull flange has slots for bolts to pass through. The other flange is solid, to push the damper on.

To remove a damper, simply screw the special stud into
the crankshaft and slip the power unit over the stud, put the jam nut on the stud and tighten it to the ram. Then install bolts through the flange into the damper. Now apply pressure from the hydraulic pump that is supplied with the kit and the damper comes right off.

To install a damper, slip the power unit over the stud with the push flange against the damper and tighten the jam nut to the ram. Apply pressure from the pump and it pushes the damper on. The kit is supplied with either a 10 ton hand pump or an air over hydraulic pump. The hand pump setup is great for the occasional user and is ideal for remote locations where compressed air is unavailable. If you are building a lot of engines, the air/hydraulic setup is the way to go. It is used by some of the top Engine Builders and Racing teams in the USA such as Scott Shafiroff. As with all Webster Industries products, this tool is built to last. The whole process is fast, easy, saves time (and money), and makes a tough job simple.

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