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It is frustrating when you get off work a little early and rush home to finish brush hogging and you have a flat tire on the tractor. That’s common where I am because we have the luxury of having an ample supply of honey locust trees that help folks who fix tires stay busy. They’re not the thornless kind that you have in your yard, they have giant thorns on them that are awfully tough on tires.

There’s good news though. If you’ll invest in a product that I use called Multi-Seal (and this is not a paid endorsement, I used to sell the stuff and I use it and I can tell you it works) you can get back in the field about as quickly as I did this video.

You also don’t have to go drag a jack out of a machine shed to get the tire up in the air. If the tractor is equipped with a front end loader, you have a built in jack right there. Just put your bucket (or in my case, pallet forks) down flat and push down on the joystick. The tractor front end should come right off the ground and you’re ready to fix the tire.

Now, as I say in the video, if I was going to take the tire off I would definitely put jack stands under the front end. I never trust tractor hydraulics to hold weight up over a period of time. They usually do, but if there’s a leak in the system or a hose ruptures, it could lose pressure and come down. But, in this case, I’m just lifting everything up to make sure the tire isn’t off the rim. You can tell it’s been flat for a while.

Once I’ve determined that the tire isn’t off the rim (if it is you may have to take it off and visit the tire shop), I’m pretty sure Multi-Seal will do it’s job. I remove the little valve seal with the tool provided with the Multi-Seal bottle, squirt in a bunch of the product, put the stem back together, air the tire up and spin it around and it’s repaired.

Multi-Seal will enable you to prevent flats before they happen if you prefer. Just fill the tire to the recommended level and you shouldn’t have a flat unless you cut a huge hole in it. I use it on my lawn mower and in the tractor tires, unfortunately it’s not cleared for highway use so you’re not supposed to put it in the pickup tires.

I keep a bottle of Multi-Seal on the shelf at all times just in case a tire goes down. It’s not cheap but when you figure your time to take a tire off and go get it repaired, it’s worth every penny. I especially recommend it for industrial application, like skid loaders.

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