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Tractor 3 point hydraulic grapple claw


Made this to attach to my boom pole for picking up logs, brush, and other junk. This speeds up the process since I don’t have to get off the tractor and hookup via chain to what I want to haul off. My material cost was about 0.

Materials listing:
1 – 36”x20”x3/8 air or propane tank
8’ – 1.5”x0.243 DOM tubing for hinge and pin bushings.
10’ – 1” solid steel bar for hinge pins and hydraulic mount pins
~80# scrap drop 3/8” plate steel
3- Heavy duty D rings
10’ – 5/16 chain
2 – Chain clevis
2 – 2×8 hydraulic cylinders 0
2- 3/8 x 2’ hydraulic hose
2- 3/8 hydraulic T fittings
2- 10’ ½” hydraulic hoses

I started by making the support box on top of the air tank. I then made the tower that the hydraulic rams attach to. I made my hydraulic cylinder mounting plates and attached them to the tank. I then cut the top of the tank (approx. 1.5” wide) to mount the hinges. I inserted the hinge pins in the DOM tubing in order to make sure they properly line up. I then welded the hinges in place. Next I torch cut the teeth in the side and bottom of the tank and where it was completely split in 3 pieces (top support box, left and right claw). Plumbed up the hydraulic hoses and attached to boom pole.

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