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Sundstrand Sauer Danfoss Series 40 Diagrams of General Repairs


General Repairs

Whether it is a new or a repair unit,always take care of your unit, it will ensure long and lasting life to perform the way it was intended to do. When cleaning parts by using a clean solvent wash and let it air dry. Making sure to keep parts clear of foreign objects and debris free. Keep all exposed surfaces and open cavities from damage and foreign objects.

When cleaning your unit, replace all gaskets and o rings. Put a light coating of lubricant with petroleum jelly before you assembly parts. If debris is on the parts and you put this on your unit, then install on your equipment it will cause your equipment not to run correctly. And in when this happens, it will most times void a warranty.
Debris is usually the culprit in unit breakdown. And this could be an expensive lesson to learn, keep your parts, unit and oil coolers clear of foreign objects of any kind. Unless you are willing to pay the piper as they say.

Hydrostatic Pump Repair

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