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Stuck Seat Post Part 6 – Suspension Anatomy aka Part 1A – BikemanforU Bike Repair

 Free-Report-Banner_01 What’s inside the shock suspension seat post of a moderately priced hybrid bike? Free Shipping on bike parts, tires, tools, and cycle accessories. YouTube’s how-to guru of DIY bicycle repair takes apart a suspension seat post, pulls the parts out and puts them back together as he shows how to adjust a suspension seat post and also how to unstick a post that’s been frozen in place by oxidation. “We’re having a bear of a time,” he says of the ongoing project to pull the seat posts from a slew of bikes brought in with salt water corrosion from Hurricane Sandy. The suspension post he shows us has an allen key turnable inner core that can be unscrewed after the post has been sawed off the bike. SonofA’s idea is to get a Sawzall in there to blast out the core, which also includes springs and another allen key part that holds the suspension part on the shaft. Watch how BikemanforU wrestles the post, using an adjustable wrench, 6mm allen key, among other tools in his bike shop. learn more about working to unfreeze a seat post, including what not to try, with the complete playlist. Thumbs up if you like what you see. For entertaining vids that show you how to fix the bike you already have, visit the BikemanforU channel Subscribing’s free and you get new vids every week. Get free shipping on the parts, tires, tools, and accessories shown in the videos Follow BikemanforU Like us

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