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Stronga Double Universal Bale Grab SUB240 telehandler attachment


In the video, see the Stronga Double Universal Bale Grab SUB240 feature attachment operate with a Maintou telehandler.

The Double Universal Bale Grab (SUB240) attachment allows the professional operator to experience a new level of efficiency far greater than the SUB120 bale handler.

Stronga Double Universal Bale Grab (SUB240) is a tried and tested design that has evolved into a reliable and ultra-efficient product. The dual-bale handling efficiency stats are worth considering.

SUB240 is 100% more efficient by design than SUB120. Therefore, 50% less fuel is consumed and 50% fewer operation hours are undertaken. The modern bale handling environment demands this level of harvest efficiency. With time critical harvest operations, this machine can make the difference.

Features & benefits of the Double Universal Bale handler:
• Increased productivity, and reduced running costs. Taking two bales at a time means half as many trips across the field.
• Unlimited bale handling possibilities, load; straw bales, hay bales, cardboard bales, plastic bales, waste bales + much more.
• Specified for use with either 1 or 2 double acting spools. Both systems allow you to handle one or two bales at any one time.
• Handling of round or square bales, wrapped or unwrapped bales.
• The ability to stack tub or horizontal improves efficiency and ease-of-use while reducing bale handling cycle times.
• Stronga bale gripper has rounded bale-contact points to ensure safe, clean movement of bales, reducing bale damage or tearing.
• The top perspective bar strengthens the chassis while acting as a guide for perfect positioning when handling bales.
• Hydraulic hoses are high quality, guaranteeing long life and reliable agricultural bale grabbing.
• Brackets to suit any telehandler.

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