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Stitch’s Great Escape! – POV HD – Disney World


This video includes the video line queue, holding area and the ride itself.

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The experience takes place in the Galactic Federation Prisoner Teleport Center. Guests have been recruited by The Grand Councilwoman to be guards for the Galactic Federation. After being taught the basic procedures of guard duty and the classification of prisoner hazard levels by Sergeant 90210 (and a brief, but comical, reprisal of Skippy from The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter), Captain Gantu gives an alert of a Level 3 prisoner being beamed to the Center. Guests are then instructed by Pleakley over a communicator to proceed to the Level 3 prisoner teleportation chamber.

After being seated, shoulder restraints come down onto the guests’ shoulders (to not confuse the prisoner’s DNA with the guests’) and the prisoner is then beamed into the chamber via a large plume of smoke and is revealed to be Stitch. After a brief period of puzzled talking by Gantu and his two assistants, Stitch uses the flaws of the armed laser cannons (the cannons follow and destroy any genetic material, including saliva) and disables all power to escape, causing mass chaos in the crowd. During this period, hydraulic pumps and small hoses in the shoulder restraints make it seem as if Stitch is jumping on guests’ shoulders and tickling their heads. Also, Stitch devours a rancid chili dog and burps – accompanied by a foul smell effect being released into the chamber – and destroys a cell phone, once again reminding the guests of the rules about eating or drinking in the theater or the use of electronic devices in the theater. When the power comes back on, the laser cannons continue their attempt to bring Stitch down. Again using the cannons’ fatal flaws, he manages to fire the laser cannons into the crowd. Shortly after using the diversion, he escapes to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida (pronounced by the characters as Flor-ee-da). Cameras capture him going into Cinderella Castle (where Stitch gets into the castle by claiming to be Prince Charming from Cinderella. Stitch crawls in and says, “Oh Cinderella, your prince is here.” Off-camera, Cinderella realizes that Stitch is not her prince, and kicks him out of the chamber).

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