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STAUFF Technology Centre – Australia & New Zealand


STAUFF Technology Centre offers a range of services in addition to STAUFF’s range of hydraulic components and accessories. These services include precision bending of tube and pipe, tube end-forming, scanning and design services, repair and calibration of hydraulic equipment, light fabrication and welding of systems.

STAUFF Technology Centre provides flexible production facilities, utilising qualified experienced design, engineering and skilled trade’s people to produce specially-designed systems against exclusive customer requirements.

Tube and Bending Specialists
▪ Computerised Bending Capabilities
▪ Tooling
▪ Precision Tube End Preparation
▪ Customised Assembly of Components & Kits
▪ Tube & Pipe Scanning & Design
▪ Additional Services

Inspection, Repair & Calibration Services
▪ Analogue and Digital Hydraulic Test Equipment
▪ Flow Meters and Measuring Devices
▪ Oil & Water Hydraulic Control Valves
▪ Pressure Gauges

Design & Fabrication Services
▪ Design and Drafting Services
▪ Light Fabrication and Welding Services

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