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Spreading Manure


A custom pumper had received one day’s notice to do this 100+ acre field. They had a direct hook up to the manure pit two fields away. The setup was complete by 9am and they were ready to go.

Equipment in video:
Cadman 5500M Drag Hose Reel:
-5.5″ x 1650′ polyethylene hard hose.
-Up to 93,000 gallons per hour.
-Covers up to 140 acres per setup

Cadman 3 Nozzle Boom:
-Up to 1800 GPM.
-Spread width up to 50′.
-Hydraulic fold-up for easy transport.
-Ball catcher for use with a blow-out ball or pig.
-Quick couplings on hoses for easy clean-out.
-Splash plates for easy width change.
-Swing are for both hard and soft hose systems
-Optional 6″ flow meter.

Cadman Power Pak:
-John Deere 275hp Diesel
-750 to 1750 GPM
-50 to 190 P.S.I.
-Cornell 4NHTB Pump
-Belly Mount Fuel Tank

Cadman Hose Caddies:

Vogelsang BackPacs

Cadman Pumper Trailer

Cadman / Cornell PTO Pump

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