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Split-Flow Hydraulic Pumps for Simplified Circuits


Dynex hydraulic pumps, with Split-Flow technology, can simplify multiple-function hydraulic systems. These pumps provide multiple flows from one pump, with greater accuracy than flow dividers. Multiple pumps in a system can be replaced by one Dynex multiple-outlet pump. 

Piston check valves isolate each pumping chamber, allowing the output of each piston to be used separately. Each piston acts like a miniature pumping unit, with the outputs grouped in the pump cover. The independent flows are discharged from each of the outlets providing smooth flow to the system.

Interchangeable Split-Flow covers are used to produce various piston-flow splits to match system requirements. Up to ten independent flows are possible (from a ten-piston pump.)

Multiple outlet benefits include:
• Synchronized movement of cylinders and motors without flow dividers.

• Supply independent flows to multiple functions in a circuit with separate loads.

• Efficiently supply flow in a system with changing flow and pressure requirements.

These pumps provide unique advantages for lifting, jacking and skidding. They are ideal for clamping, pressing and high-torque tool applications.
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