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RG Group repairs hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical devices


RG Group specializes in the repair, installation and trouble-shooting of Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electromechanical devices for the industrial, mobile and marine markets. We have a strong commitment to quality, speed and service.

RG Group specializes in the Repair, Installation, and Trouble-Shooting of Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Electromechanical devices for the Industrial, Mobile, and Marine markets with a commitment in quality, speed, and service. We provide a thorough evaluation of component or subsystems from one of our two easily accessible repair facilities in Mahwah, New Jersey and York, Pennsylvania. Whatever the brand our trained technicians can rebuild and warranty the vast majority of key hydraulic or pneumatic global products. We don’t just repair products, we rebuild your valuable equipment using only original components and seals, allowing us to warrant our services in addition to our repair business. We also offer a variety of implant services including preventative maintenance, system troubleshooting, installation, or diagnostic evaluation of systems or machinery. These services are offered 24/7 because we are committed to being there when you need us most to help keep your business moving.

Innovation is creative collaboration between technical expertise engineering and a very true sense of what is possible. Crafting that possibly into a product, your product, is what our people do best. It’s our personal commitment to create true partnerships with customers that create competitive advantages. Relationships, like trust, are not just built on infrastructure or technology they are built on a foundation of belief and a shared group of core values are the very heart of our business.

To learn more about RG Group’s Repair, Installation, and Trouble-Shooting services go to or call us at (717) 846-9300.

RG Group
650 North State Street
York, PA 17403
(717) 846-9300

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