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RG Group Custom Engineered Solutions in Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Electromechanical Industries


The RG Engineered Solutions division provides custom engineered systems and sub-assembly solutions. We offer customers a range of services from first-of-a-kind rapid prototyping to long-term outsourced contact manufacturing. Our engineering and production technicians are highly skilled in the design and application of hydraulic, pneumatic, or electromechanical and process systems. Our custom products include hydraulic power units, lubrication systems, and we also custom design and supply hydraulic, pneumatic, and instrumentation value manifolds. We are also known for our hydraulic filtration skid test stands and equipment and custom fabricated tube or hose assembly.

Our flexible outsource manufacturing services provide customers an ISO9001 certified source for sub-assembly or final assembly of mechanical pro process control systems or meet a short term or permanent spike in demand. Our rapid prototyping and experience in the original collaborative design and fabrication of first of its kind systems provide OEMs a sustainable competitive advantage for feasibility studies to final design and build. Our team offers trusted, proven engineering expertise available when and how you need it.

We utilized the latest technologies to develop unique and highly customized systems. Our engineering team interfaces directly with the customer throughout the design and build process using 3D modeling and sophisticated fluid system performance simulators to ensure predictable excellent results using the competitive advantage of our global supplier partners. Our team delivers mobile marine and industrial systems that operate everything from steering systems on yachts to flight simulations, entertainment rides, decontamination and medical systems, hydraulic test stands, military vehicles and vessels, and power generation systems.

Our flexible outsource manufacturing services reduce costs and eliminate redundancy in todays understaffed manufacturing environment. Every system or sub-assembly is 100% tested and documented to customer specification ensuring repeatedly reliable high quality results. Our recently expanded 43,000 square foot manufacturing facility includes overhead cranes, ventilated paint and wall booths, and most importantly our experienced team of well-trained project engineered and technicians working exclusively on engineered systems. Our business is about your business and we keep your business in motion.

RG Group is an innovated engineering Group located in York, Pennsylvania with locations in PA, NJ, NY, and OH who specializes in Motion Control and Fluid Handling Products and Solutions. If you’re interested in learning more about or engineered solutions team, contact us at (717) 846-9300

RG Group
650 North State Street
York, PA 17403
(717) 846-9300

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