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Revel SuperPump


A Novel Device for Pumping Water utilising the Inherent Power of Flowing Water.

The flow and fall of water powers the “Revel” SuperPump and delivers a portion of its drive water to a greater height than the height of the supply. Similar to the conventional Hydraulic Ram Pump.
This provides a continuous supply of water for years and years, without interruption in servicing or fuel costs.
The “Revel” Superpump is not a perpetual motion machine since it utilises the power of flowing water making the “Revel” SuperPump a very efficient reciprocating water powered pump. Additionally it does not need any maintenance since all components are made from high grade compound plastics and non corrosive stainless steel.

So what is so novel about this water powered pump?

A. As a Double Acting Water Powered Reciprocating Piston Pump it does not require an Air Pressure Tank and is self starting.

B. It can pump from 2 separate sources other than the drive water as well as deliver to 2 separate Storage Tanks. That is why it also has 2 drive pipes instead of one single drive pipe like a conventional Hydraulic Ram Pump.

C. As it would be classified as a 4” pump (related to the drive pipe diameter) it weighs less than 40kg (88lbs) while the average 4” Hydraulic Ram Pump weighs some 240kg (528lbs).

D. It can pump well over 150,000ltrs/24hrs to a height of 21m from a supply head of 2m and optimal drive pipe lengths of 15m.

In all my research I have not been able to find any other water powered pump with such capacity with the same low weight and delivery advantage.

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