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Hydraulic Hose Repairs

Hydraulic Hose Repairs

The importance of the hydraulic hoses can be compared to that of a human body’s circulatory system. If there is something that impedes the proper flow of the fluids, the entire system will eventually collapse. It is therefore necessary that when any sign shows that there is a problem in the hydraulic hose, it should be attended to immediately. Below are steps on how to do hydraulics hose repairs:

1. When there is a problem, you should identify the cause. The first thing you should do is to determine the possible source of the leak and the reason why. There are cases that hydraulics hose leakage is found on tight spaces and on areas that are not easily seen.

To determine the point of leakage, clean and dry the part where you think the leak is. After it has been cleaned and dried, put pressure in the system and inspect where the fluid will leak out. Use protective gear when doing this as this might cause burns on your part.

2. When you have already identified the source of the leak, remove the pressure.

3. Now that you already know where the problem is, start fixing the problem. If the problem only involves a loosened nut, just simply tighten it. After tightening, put pressure again in the system and see if the problem has been fixed. If it still persists, then there could be another reason and probably there will be a need to replace the hydraulic hose.


4. If the problem persists, replacing the hydraulic hose may be necessary. To do it, you must remove the worn out hydraulic hose. Before placing a new one, make sure that you have already cleaned and removed debris within the area. Install the new hydraulic hose.

5. Check if the replacement is effective. Fill in the hydraulic system with enough hydraulic oil. Observe to see if there’s leaking. If you don’t find any, then proceed with adding hydraulic oil in the tank. Always remember that the new hydraulic hose you will be using must be of the same type as with the replaced one.

Replacing hydraulic hose can be a tedious task and requires skills to do it. To avoid encountering this problem, you must do routine maintenance with your hydraulics or at least have the knowledge on how to properly take care and troubleshoot it.

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