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Refrigerator Side Panel Roller Forming Line U Shaping


Refrigerator Side Panel Roller Forming Line—U-shaping Cabinet Body:
The Refrigerator Side Panel Roller Forming Line is composed by automatic loading machine, punching machine, 180° turning machine, roller forming machine; Z-L bending machine; U bending machine, pneumatic system, Hydraulic system, electricity control system and etc.
This plant can produce refrigerator side panels as to Customer’s Special drawings.

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Contact Person:
Mr. Leo Zhang
Mobile Phone: +0086 15855019595
Tel: 0086 550 3088037; Fax: 0086-550 3088029
SKYPE: leizhang112; QQ: 454656098;
Address: No. 688, ZIWEI South Road, CHUZHOU City, Anhui Province, China.

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