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Raymarine Ev100 Power Evolution Autopilot


Get more info on Amazon-US:
Preliminary report to cover installation only
Documentation is ample and good printouts as manuals for each component plus on line.
Tech support via phone is available with reasonable ( 5 to 10 minutes holding)
Comes nicely packed and most all is needed to is provided,more details later.
Because the cables are so short you MUST give a serious consideration to how all the components will fit on your boat,the leeway is for the sensor that can be installed with extension away from the helm.
Pump location is limited to the length of the wiring (12 volts) to the ACU).
Plumbing is straight forth,however all printed instruction have the spliced on the hydraulic hoses,this seems impractical for a DYS,not sure feasible is to existing to T’s
One of the helpful blogs C-Brats quotes a Seastar moving the T fittings to the and that works better.
I have now all set up (except display unit,need to find a permanent home on a crowded nav station)
No supplied?except the 3 converters for the pump.plan a trip to the supply store.
No connecting to pump,plan on ordering them if no local supplier available,cost on the 100 dollars extra.
These consist of two high pressure and a clear low for the return/bleeding to visualize bubbles.
No to energize the ACU,need a of suitable 12 V marine grade 14-16 gauge connectors to panel.Cost is minimal.
When installing the and bracket the stainless screws show a magnetic field (I tested),not important this is so to be safe I replaced the mounting with nylon and aluminum my hardware store,suspect I am too extreme but for a few cents what the heck.
I started the and got a stand by screen readout was too tired to calibrate/run the wizard.
This is my second try at an was to a Lowrance that I did lured by the lower unfortunately the no software to integrate the and have to remove and the unit,see my review.
Cost wise is almost the same considering this will on the neighboring of 00?? added etc.
vs the about 00 for the the expensive will be a 5″ HDS 2Gen non touch for 0 with no available??yet to make it work.
Update May 21
Installed and commissioned at the dock and under way,works fine very happy

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