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Radiator Production Line,Radiator Forming Machine,China Radiator Making Line

 Free-Report-Banner_01 This radiator production line can be used in producing different specification radiators, with width among 535, 520, 480, 460, 320, 310 and center distance more than 500mm.
This machine has high automation degree, high forming quality, and high efficiency. The property of this machine has reached world-class quality.
The work flow of this line is as follows: automatic decoiling – roll forming – hydraulic punching and cutting – spot welding – seam welding – panel head welding – head cutting – edge shearing – run-out.
The main components of the radiator production line are automatic decoiler, roll forming machine, leveler, oil press machine, press mould, series welding device, head cutter, edge shearer, product conveyer, pneumatic system, hydraulic system, and electric system, etc.

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