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Plastic Bottle Crusher 6000 – The Benchtop Baler


The waste industry has never seen anything like it.
Crush and bale all plastic containers up to one gallon or 5L in size.
Crush large steel catering cans.
Small enough to sit on a benchtop in your commercial kitchen, and built tough enough to install outside in open weather.
Mount it to the back of a truck or trailer. . .
Just connect it to compressed air.
No electric motor, no hydraulic hose or oil.
Use it all day. No down time waiting for the motor or oil to cool .
Hose it out if you like. You can’t hurt it.
Safe to use – cannot open the door until the crush plate is at rest up above the loading chamber. And when the door is open you cannot start the crush plate moving until the door is closed.
Load it up with bottles all through the day. Crush a load when the chamber is full and let those crushed bottles sit there under our patent pending load locks; restrained so that you can keep filling that load chamber to the max with new bottles.
Fast crush cycles – around 5 seconds down then up under no load.
Small footprint: 20 inches wide x 24 inches deep [500ml wide x 600ml deep]

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