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Pipe Replacement for old house connections with the cable burster TERRA-EXTRACTOR X 100


Lead pipe replacement and renewal of smallest pipes made easy with the X 100

The TERRA-EXTRACTOR X 100 is the ideal machine for your house connections.

The X 100 is for replacement of old pipes made from lead, plastic and steel. With this pipe bursting machine you can burst smallest pipes with inner diameter Ø 13 – 50 mm (1/2 “ – 2”) and pull in new HDPE pipes Ø 20 – 63 mm (3/4” – 2.5”) in lengths up to 30 m (100 ft). With a maximum pulling force of 100 kN (10 tonnes / 22‘000 lb/11 US tons) it is a strong but compact machine.

The pipe replacement machine X 100 can operate on smallest areas of L x W = 0.65 m x 0.40 m (25” x 16”).

Lead pipe replacement and renewal of smallest pipes made easy with the X 100

Four cable clamps with longitudinal slots (patented) guarantee secure contact to the pulling cable, no matter if the cable is new or dirty. The main clamp clamps the cable when the two cylinders push the main clamp upwards. The counter clamp holds the cable under tension when the two cylinders move downwards and the main clamp is released.

Safety kit – the X 100 is officially checked by the European Safety institute according due to European law. The safety kit was especially made for the British market and includes:
electric strike alarm with tester
grid and grounding stick
2 pairs isolation gloves 17 kV
15 m long electric cable

Further the X 100 has an outer burst protection sheaving around the hydraulic hoses in case of a burst.

Compared to pipe renewal systems with rods, so called „rod bursters“, wire bursters have the advantage that the pipe renewal job can be done by one single operator without any interruption for dismantling the rods. No operator has to be in the working pit during the bursting operation.

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