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PE Hose、PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube Plant/Factory


PE Hose、PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube:
Transmission tubes for natural gas, low-pressure delivery hose, water hose, chemical industrial tube.

High Pressure Hose:
Piping purposes of electronics, construction, automobile, motorcyce, pneumatuc & hydraulic machinery, industrial machinery and other factory equipments.

PU Spiral Tube:
Automated machinery, coating machinery, all kinds of pneumatic tools, pneumatic & hydraulic machinery, construction and various pneumatic tools. Polyether based PU Tube is hydrolysis-resistant, anti-bacterial & anti-fungous, and it can be used for gardening, cleaning, water hoses and other purposes.

PU Braided Tube:
Pneumatic tools, piping purposes of pneumatic & hydraulic machinery, industrial machinery, construction, electronics, automobile, motorcycle and other factory equipments.

Nylon Braided Tube:
For truck air brake system or other applications.

Nylon Tube:
Air pressure hose, pneumatic tube, paint tube, hydraulic hose, diving tube and so on.

Teflon Tube:
High temperature tubes, steam pipes, wire and cable sheathing and various kinds of corrosive solvent delivery tubes.

PTFE Convoluted Tube:
For transporting gas, fluids, solvents and chemical that with low permeability.

Silicone Tube:
Medical equipment, electronics, electric, machinery and protective cover of lighting and so on.

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TPUCO PE Hose、PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube:
Taiwan PU Corporation, known as TPUCO, is a professional manufacturer and a world-class factory of PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube.
For more than 25 years, TPUCO has created a trustworthy worldwide reputation due to excellent service and high-quality polyurethane products.
With TPUCO’s leading producing and processing technologies, TPUCO can manufacture various kinds of PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube according to client’s requirement.
Each step of producing PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube is carefully calculated by production line engineers.
From raw material selecting to final product selecting, TPUCO has chemical engineers and quality control technicians to make sure the PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube fit client’s need of physical properties.
Therefore, TPUCO assures customers of the reliability and the top quality of the PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube.

In addition, TPUCO does not only manufacture excellent quality of PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube, but also develop and customize similar new PU finished products.
TPUCO believes in “innovation, creativity, and incentive for improvement.”
With a strong and experienced technical support team, TPUCO is constantly developing new kinds of PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube and other PU finished products for closer cooperation with customers and higher leading position in polyurethane industry.
As a world-class factory and supplier for both PU finished products and PU raw materials, according to client’s usage and require properties of the PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube, TPUCO is able to design PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube from PU raw material, to producing and processing methods, and then to PU finished products.
Moreover, for special property requirement, TPUCO’s more than 25-year experience allows TPUCO to know what chemical additives are the right and the best fit for customers’ PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube. For instance, by choosing and adding the right flame retardants, TPUCO is able to produce ECO-friendly fire resistant PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube, which lower fire-related accident rate and increase end-users’ safety.
Developed by TPUCO’s global research and product engineering team, TPUCO PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube deliver excellent chemical resistance characteristics.
In addition to excellent abrasion resistance, the specially engineered polyurethane compound is able to make TPUCO PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube to have superior resistance to impact.
TPUCO PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube is also ideal for low-operating-temperature and/or high-operating-temperature production environments. In other words, TPUCO PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube has excellent operational characteristics in both low and high temperature applications.
TPUCO PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube offer exceptional mechanical properties, which yield outstanding life potential and improvements in damage resistance.
TPUCO PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube is good flexibility.
If you are looking for PE Tube、Polyethylene Tube, Taiwan PU Corporation is your best choice of polyurethane manufacturer.

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