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Paumco Bucket Grapple


Perfect for around the farm, landscaping or at home.
• Heavy steel tube, telescopes to fit any standard size bucket up to 101″
• Two 3,000 psi cylinders, produce up to 8,000 lbs of force
• Two individual grapples for uneven loads
• Reinforced 1″ x 1/2″ tines spaced 2 3/4″ evenly across the bucket
• Hydraulic Hose kit available
• Pays for itself, time after time, with reduced machine hours
• Tremendous strength
• Builds more holding power
• Carry larger loads without spilling
• Allows any rock smaller then 2 3/4″ to fall out while holding larger ones
• Move manure, dirt, brush, feed, or other debris 50% faster
• Saves time and most importantly money
No job to big or small for this grapple system.

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