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mini hydraulic/pneumatic cylinder II


This is a new cylinder and head with an improved design over the last one. I machined the cylinder, head, rod, piston, and rod end on my Harbor Freight 7×10 lathe. The valve is from Clippard. The head is simple, it just has an O-Ring in a notch that squeezes the rod. I also machined the cylinder-side fittings and the yoke that the cylinder is bolted into on the lathe.

I forgot to pan to it in the beginning but the iron pipe contraption at the end of video is what’s driving the oil pressure.. the air from the compressor pressurizes the oil since I don’t have an oil pump yet. In this video I run it at 100PSI with oil.. no leaks LOL!!!!!! The air/oil pipe-contraption device was originally build to supply coolant to the lathe.

I’m pleased with the result and looking forward to more tests at higher pressure!!!!! Also very impressed with the Clippard valve:

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