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Mercedes Benz — Remove/install hydraulic unit (SL 65 AMG)


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AR 88.30-P-0500RBS

4,16,This film describes the removal of the|hydraulic unit of the rear spoiler on the |SL 65 AMG Black Series.|
17,22,Extend the rear spoiler with the|trunk lid closed.||
23,27,Observe the notes in the|WIS document displayed here.||
28,34,Note: For information on replacing the |hydraulic pump and bleeding|the individual components: |
35,39,See AKUBIS information on pump|replacement for the AMG rear spoiler.||
40,43,The hydraulic unit with rear spoiler|feet must now be reinstalled on the|trunk lid.|
44,52,This is shown here on a detached|trunk lid for easier viewing.||
57,66,Note: Get all required nuts and bolts|ready now.||
69,77,Have an assistant hold the rear spoiler|feet in position.||
78,87,Attach the pump with four nuts.|||
88,96,Guide the rear spoiler foot|into the relevant opening.||
97,103,Attach it with four bolts and four nuts.|||
104,114,Only finger-tighten the nuts at first.|||
120,130,Proceed in the same way on the other side.|||
138,148,Again, only finger-tighten the nuts|on the cylinder.||
150,159,Tighten the nuts on the pump|using a ratchet.||
161,167,Use a flashlight to check the gap dimension|of the rear spoiler foot on the trunk lid.||
168,174,The clearance to the trunk lid should be |the same all the way round the foot.||
175,180,Since the bolts on the other side|were only finger-tightened, the gap dimension|can be corrected.|
182,187,To do so, tighten individual bolts|as necessary.||
188,199,Finally, tighten the bolts to a torque |of 6 Nm.||
205,216,Connect the electrical connectors of the|cylinder to the pump.||
217,220,Fit the protective cap.|||
224,233,Proceed accordingly with the connectors|on the left-hand side.||
234,238,Pull a protective grommet|over the connectors.||
240,243,Proceed in the same way on the other side.|||
244,257,Attach the hydraulic hose directly to|the cylinder using a clamp.||
261,271,Fix the protective grommet with the|electrical lines to the mounting clips.||
286,296,Then fix the electrical lines to the|hydraulic hose using a cable tie.||
298,305,Fix the hydraulic lines to the cylinder|using one cable tie.||
306,309,Proceed accordingly on the|cylinder on the other side.||
309,311,The trunk lid can now be installed.|||
312,318,Position the threaded sleeves in the|relevant openings in the rear spoiler foot.||
319,326,This requires a delicate touch.|Use a suitable tool for assistance.||
329,335,Insert the plates.|||
336,349,Fit the spoiler and tighten it.|||
350,355,Retract the rear spoiler.|||
356,359,The trunk lid is closed so that no|air can enter the hydraulic system.||
360,366,Check the gap dimension between the front|edge of the rear spoiler and the trunk lid.||
367,371,The gap dimension must be the same|on the left and right.||

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