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Mercedes Benz — Bleed shift mechanism on transmission 712-715


1,9,Bleeding the transmission:|Shift the transmission to neutral.||
10,20,On transmissions which are unfilled or have|been repaired, it is best and safest to do this …||
20,30,… at the manual emergency shift mechanism|of the transmission.||
31,45,Remove the two bleed valves|of the shift mechanism.||
46,50,The sealing cones of the valves|must not be deformed.||
51,55,If they are, the valves must be replaced.|||
56,69,Check the valves carefully and|clean them thoroughly.||
70,74,Then screw the valves back in.|||
75,78,The bleed hose must now be|flushed and filled.||
79,82,Connect one end of the bleed hose|to the bleeding unit.||
83,86,Connect the other end to the Y-shaped |adapter from the adapter set …||
86,89,… and connect the end of the adapter|to a receptacle.||
90,95,The inspection glass on the bleed hose |shows you whether there are still bubbles |in the hose.|
96,100,Leave the unit switched on until no more|bubbles are visible in the inspection glass.||
101,104,Then switch the unit off.|||
105,110,Connect the two ends of the bleed hose|…||
110,116,… to the bleed valves of the gear and|gate cylinder of the shift mechanism.||
117,121,The return hose must be connected|at the front underneath the maintenance flap.||
122,129,This hose is connected to the|breather connection.||
130,136,The other end must be routed|to the receptacle.||
137,140,Wedge the hose underneath|the left-hand wiper blade.||
141,144,The hose should be positioned|against the windshield …||
144,147,… so that you can observe the passage of|hydraulic fluid from the driver seat.||
148,151,Now open the bleed screws|and bleed valves …||
151,160,… through at least one turn.|||
161,164,Then switch on the bleeding unit.|||
165,168,Do not forget to set it to the correct pressure.|||
169,172,You must set a pressure of between|2.5 and 3 bar at the rotary switch.||
173,176,Comply with the operating instructions|of the manufacturer of the unit.||
177,180,You must move the gearshift lever next.|||
181,184,Starting at the neutral position, |move the shift lever to the left and right |along the shift track.|
185,190,Hold the lever at the two end points|for approx. 30 seconds.||
191,196,Observe the hose at the same time.|You should see bubbles flowing |through the hose.|
197,200,Move the lever to the left and right|end points in quick succession.||
201,205,Then move the lever back to the end points,|holding it at each point for 20 seconds.||
206,210,Watch the hose. At the end, there should be |no more bubbles flowing through the hose.||
211,214,The gear range is bled|using the same procedure.||
215,219,However, here you move the gearshift lever |backwards and forwards between |the 3rd and 4th gear.|
220,225,You should again hold the gearshift lever|at each end point for 30 seconds.||
226,229,Then move the lever to the end points|several times in quick succession.||
230,235,Finally, hold the lever at each end point|again for 20 seconds.||
236,239,Repeat this procedure until no more bubbles|flow through the hose.||
240,244,When you can no longer see any air, …|||
244,250,… close the bleed screws and|bleed valves again.||
251,254,Now switch off the bleeding unit.|||
255,259,To allow the shift mechanism to center itself|and to check …||
259,263,… whether the bleeding procedure |was successful, shift through all gears |repeatedly in quick succession.|
264,267,Move the gearshift lever to the left, right,|front and back at least ten times.||
268,271,If the shifting paths are not precise,|the end stops are too soft or both, …||
272,275,… you must perform the bleeding |procedure again.||
276,280,Only remove the bleed hose once you have|successfully completed the bleeding |procedure.|
281,285,Don’t forget to put the protective caps back |on! Cleanliness is an absolute priority.||
286,289,Clean up any hydraulic fluid|that has escaped.||
290,293,Now tilt the cab forward.|||
294,297,You must adjust the fluid level in the expansion |reservoir to the correct level.||
298,302,Using a suction pump, |extract hydraulic fluid …||
302,306,… until the fluid level is between |the MIN and MAX mark.||
307,310,Then put the cab back down.|||
311,319,Finally, disconnect the return hose from the|breather connection under the front-end flap.||

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