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John Deere 563 Loader Cylinders Broken and Repaired Part 1


I was working with my JD 5085 and I pushed the 563 self leveling loader to hard. This is what happened.

I was raking debris out of a pile of top soil. The upper jaw of the grapple was extended out giving the loader 4 feet of extra reach. The extra reach translated into more leverage working against the curl cylinders. When I get the loader put back together I will post a video that shows what I was doing. If I had had the loader in float mode the cylinders probably would not have broken but I am never going to extend the grapple to such an extreme angle again to test out the idea.

I looked up the parts needed the next day.
To rebuild the cylinders it will cost about 00 just for the parts.
To buy two new replacement cylinders is about 00. Bummer.

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