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Jac Boiten – Groningen duinkerkenstraat through the years


Jac Boiten Aandrijftechniek B.V. in Groningen, group of specialists. Hydraulics and pneumatics, compressed air and industrial air tools, gas-and oilfield equipment for on-and offshore, flame spraying.

X-Ray machine with remote control and fully adjustable. Designed for the The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) the Netherlands.Contract dated 22nd October 1980 for hydraulic hoses and fittings for the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij BV (NAM) . The NAM is an exploration and production company with authentic Dutch roots and has its headquarters in Assen in the Netherlands. Their core business is exploring for and producing oil and gas, both on land and offshore in the Netherlands. Hydraulic operated gate valves with – in the operating room an inbuilt hydraulic control unit. Installed on a sand dredger. Widening-machine for aluminium flu gas eduction pipes. Designed for Muelink & Grol; a Flue gas systems manufacturer which changed its name to M&G Group Flue Systems UK Limited.Machine for aluminium smoke gas drain pipes. Disigned for Muelink & Grol, the Netherlands

Hydraulic power supply for casing electrodes.
Control unit for drill and sawmachine. Designed for Wedeka, Stadskanaal, the Netherlands.

Steering unit for palletloader of rolls of roofingmaterial for Smid & Hollander Dakbouw B.V. in Groningen, the Netherlands

Steering unit for brushing machine for cleanse bake plates
Spring 1980; Steering unit for water hydraulic system to remove mandrils from hydraulic hose-pipes. Designed for Trelleborg Material and Mixing Hoogezand B.V the Netherlands.

Compressed air and industrial tools; Ingersoll Rand, Enerpac, Europower Generators, OTC (Offshore Technology Conference ) Synflex, EO fittings, Sperry Vickers (now a part of Eaton Corporation) Parker UCC Hydraulic flow meters

Ginpoole Crane-truck. Developed for installing X-mastree treatment equipment and wire-line activities. Fully hydraulic and explosion-proof construction. Hoisting capacity;max. 1500 kg. Telescopic jib: mx. outreach 15.5 metres. Hydraulic cantilevers supplied with safety appliance. Crane attending cannot be performed until cantilevers are fully extended. Backing-plates are hydraulically rotatableand are adjustable in height.

Kienzle Tachograph; a device fitted to a vehicle that automatically records its speed and distance

Flame spraying; cold process: material pre-heated to approx. 100 C. Warm fusion penetration:material pre-heated to aprrox. 1100 C. Spraying process with powder and wire-pistol. Coatings of various alloys, ceramics etc. Degree of harness to approx. R.C. 60. Carbide particles to approx. R.C.75
Hydraulic injecting of hose-socket with unibolt coupling into mudhose. Trelleborg AB is a world leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments.
Karcher steamgenerator Type DE 320 constructed with tandem watersoftener and hoses, mounted on twin-shaft trailer car.
Karcher Type DE 320 steam generator complete with tandem water softener, water tank approx. 70 gallons, supply pump and diesel generating set all mounted on field kit. Particularly suitable when no water and/ or electricity is available.
Pallet turn machine; programme; (1) execute by tilt movement (2)90 grade turn in horizontal space (3) 1st pallet 90 grade turn in horizontal space and 180 grade turn in vertical space, 2nd pallet 90 grade turn in horizontal space, 3rd pallet execute by tilt movement (4) 180 grade turn in verticale space
Equipment; Pneumatic and hydraulic.
Pneumatic steering unit
Hydraulic aggregate
Three hydraulic cylinders
One turn cylinder
Adjustment and testing tubes and fitting material.

Crate nailing machine; steering and safety unit on behalf of Heiploeg in Zoutkamp.
Actuators (low-pressure pneumatic control system) from Ledeen Valve actuators. The steering unit is produced by Jac Boiten Aandrijftechniek B.V in Groningen on behalf of N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie in Groningen, the Netherlands

After 23 minutes in de video we the premises Jac Boiten started his own business in august 1967; peizerweg 148. Jac Boiten points out his finger on a picture with Thijs Mesken who rejoined this business on April 1st 1991. We then see the wheelchair from Janneke Rouwkema being repaired in the garage. Jac Boiten on the phone with seen from the back; Willy Kregel.

Elvira M.L Lanting with her partner. Non-executive director of the Jac Boiten Holding Group; mr. Bob Hiemstra, Lianna Boiten Bergsma, Tina Visser, Janneke Rouwkema, Herman Copinga, Bert Harens, Fred Boiten, Thijs Mesken, Jan G Brouwer, Berend Schuiling, Carel van der Broek, Berhard A Meyer, L. Nyland, Bob T Heidema, Kees van der Velde, Jan Winkel, Ab Boiten, Jan Brugge, Peter Zijl, Arie Sloot, Karla M van der Ploeg, Ali A J van Diepen, Fons A M Wolthuis, Alfred Zuidersma, Seye Hoekstra, Reeuw Buikema, Stian W Mars, Cees Panman, J.Slendebroek, Jos Werkman, Gert Jan Berghuis, Erik Dost, Jan Moes, G.M Schuitema, E van Esch

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