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InterchangeIT Hydraulics – Hydraulic Cylinder Positioning – PositionIT 2.0 – Creep into Position


This video demonstrates our ability to drive a hydraulic cylinder into a position with a final creep from 0.020″ away from target. We are developing the new PositionIT 2.0 analog cylinder positioning module. This is a test from our breadboard mock up to ensure we have the circuit board logic correct.

Last note, this is the first run of this deceleration/creep logic program. With a little more program functionality, any overshoot noticed on the target zero position can be eliminated.

We are ready to move to the circuit board prototype.

Thanks for watching. More to follow..

The hydraulic cylinder is 4″ bore with 1.375″ rod and 4″ stroke with a Balluff generation 5 rod style transducer providing 0~10vdc feedback, The command signal is generated by a 16bit analog output from a PLC (Koyo – Direct Logic), and the PositionIT module output is driving a Woodward HRT RDDV servo valve (27B50F size).

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