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HydroBurst HB3038 Static Pipe Bursting System


The HammerHead® HB3038 static bursting unit is design specifically for the replacement of gas and water mains ranging from 2″ to 6″ (50 mm to 150 mm). The HB3038 is highly efficient and easy to operate. The compact footprint offers minimal pit excavation and set up is easy with only two hydraulic hoses and quick-connect fittings. With 30 tons of pulling force, the HB3038 will fracture most commonly used pipe material.
Highly efficient
One lever is used to pushout and pullback rods for simple one man operation.

High production
Typical 400′ (122 m) job takes as little as two hours to complete including payout and pullback.

Proven rod design
HammerHead uses torqued joint rods that have been proven in the oil field and horizontal directional drilling industry. Our smaller diameter rods are also easier to push down encrusted pipes compared to competitive models.

Rod joint
The HB3038 uses rods featuring an API style joint. This proven design handles thrust loads encountered when pushing around sweeping bends, encrusted and collapsed pipes compared to loose joint rod designs, which can buckle in encrusted or collapsed pipes.

Specially designed ductile slitters are available for use when bursting 3″ (76 mm), 4″ (102 mm), and 6″ (152 mm) ductile iron or steel pipes.

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