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Hydraulic Linear Seals – Trelleborg Sealing Solutions


Hydraulic Cylinder Seals are featured in this video.

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Linear hydraulic seals are used in a multitude of applications in various market segments. These include machine tools, construction and earth moving equipment, backhoes, agricultural vehicles, forestry machinery, aircraft and wind power components. As an example, pitch cylinders adjust the rotor blades in wind power turbines. The linear sealing solution in the cylinder consists of piston and rod seals. The piston sealing solution prevents pressurized hydraulic fluid from flowing across the piston maintaining the pressure difference, which makes the cylinder extend and retract. Rod seals prevent external leakage of hydraulic fluid and ensure there is the required lubrication for the piston rod.
Turcon® Stepseal V is one of the latest rod seal designs. It has a patented hydrostatic relief channel that avoids the over pressure that can damage the seal. The unique design of Zurcon® DA24 Venting Version has a similar function. Such innovations have made Trelleborg Sealing Solutions a leading supplier of linear seals.

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