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Hydraulic Jack Tightening Procedure for Ship Engines👷🏽👷🏽👷🏽


Check pre-tightening of the stud and tighten by wrench, if loosened.
Clean studs, nuts and around seats.
Screw the nut manually until the nut contacting the seat closely.
Check condition of the hydraulic tool set and make them ready to use.
Mount support (extension screw) and screw the jack by hand.
Connect hoses from the pump to the jacks via the distributing piece.
Close the release valve of the hydraulic pump.
Open air venting plug of the jack and check air venting by pumping.
Close the venting plug and pressurize up to the specified pressure for tightening the nut.
Turn the nut to be screwed firmly by a pin manually through the hole of the support.
Release the hydraulic pressure by opening the release valve of the hydraulic pump.
Repeat pressurizing and check the nut loosened.
Retighten the nut, if loosened.
If the stud or nut has been replaced by new ones, repeat the tightening three times for the first tightening. This repeat is necessary for
the settlement of the threads.
Release the hydraulic pressure and dismount the tool set.

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