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Hydraulic Handbrake Install – Part 2: Brake Lines


This is Part 2 of the installation. We show you how to

Run brake lines
Bend brake lines
Flare brake lines
Cut brake lines
Install brake lines
Bleed brake lines Partially LOL

Hydraulic Handbrake, Hydro E, Staging Brake, Rally Brake, Drift Brake, whatever you want to call it it is awesome and we got ourselves not one but two lol.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT, the eBay life is real, and as such you will run into the obscure fitting sizes.


IN: 7/16″- 20 Inverted Flare

OUT: 3/8″- 24 Bubble Flare

This obscure size can be ordered from by contacting that seller OR
Here is the direct e-mail for Brake Hoses Unlimited Goodbrakes :
Gentleman named Nick was super fast at responding, fantastic service. They cost .60 each, shipping is where i paid kidneys cause i wanted it ASAP fro you guys.

Part 1 If you missed it, on how to make your own mount and secure it in place.

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