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How to use Hydraulic jacks for Untightening Bolts of a Ship Engine


Hydraulic Jack Loosening Procedure

Clean seat and threads.
Check condition of the hydraulic tool set and make them ready to use.
Mount support (extension screw) and jack.
Connect hoses from the pump to the jacks via the distributing piece.
Turn the piston of jack until contacting the nut and then unscrew the piston by about half turn. This is important to provide space for loosening
the nut.
Close the release valve of the hydraulic pump.
Open air venting plug of the jack and check air venting by pumping.
Close the venting plug and pressurize up to the specified pressure for loosening the nut.
Unscrew the nut by half turn manually by means of a pin through the hole of the support.
Be sure to check that loosened nut moves freely without contacting the piston of the jack. Otherwise, jack and the nut may be stuck each other after releasing hydraulic pressure. If stuck, increase hydraulic pressure slightly and turn the nut about 1/4 turn clockwise for loosening from the piston of the jack.
Release the hydraulic pressure and dismount the tool set.

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