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How to Replace Fuel Pump in Honda Civic

 Free-Report-Banner_01 is the leading Honda Accord and Civic resource for technical DIY guides. While fuel pumps are fairly reliable, once your Civic gets up in miles, it’s just a matter of time until it needs to be replaced. For the full step-by-step article, please visit

Besides air and ignition, your car needs fuel in order to work. The fuel pump is a hydraulic device whose role is to pump the gas from the tank through the fuel link to the engine.

Changing out the fuel pump in your Civic will take anywhere from forty minutes to one hour. It is an easy job, and will only cost you fifty to seventy dollars.

The materials you’ll need are: a Phillips screwdriver, needle nose pliers, 10mm socket, a ratchet, a catch pan, and a new fuel pump.

Step 1 – Remove the Fuel Pump

First you’ll have to remove the fuel pump fuse from the fuse box under the dash in the cabin.

Remove the 10mm bolt from the back seat.

Pull up on the seat, and then slide it out.

Here is the fuel pump cover.

Remove the four screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

Lift the plate up.

Slip off the boot that covers the wiring connector.

Use the pliers to pull off the channel locks. Then remove the fuel lines.

Squeeze to disconnect the main fuel line.

Use the 10mm socket with ratchet to remove the bracket.

Pull off the cover.

Reach in and pull the pump assembly out.

Step 2 – Prep the Pump

Cover the fuel pump recess to keep out debris.

Take the fuel pump and push the clip at the bottom out.

Undo this connector by clipping the top tab and pulling it out.

Undo the clip and pull it down

Wiggle the line off and the pump should come right out the strainer.

Take off the top clamps.

Push back this rubber bushing.

With the flathead screwdriver wedge behind the clip until it comes up.

Pull the filter off.

Then the fuel pump will be free.

Take the replacement fuel line hose and put in onto the top of the new fuel pump.

Depress the clip.

Push the fuel filter onto the new fuel pump.

Push the clip on at the top.

The fuel pump assembly is now complete.

Step 3 – Install the New Pump

Feed the fuel pump assembly back into the recess.
Reconnect the fuel line to the pump.

Put the bracket back into place. And secure it with the Phillip screws.

Reconnect the fuel line and the rubber hose.

Reattach the access cover with the five bolts

Plug the connector back in.

Put the assembly cover back on and secure it with Phillips screws.

Put the back seat into place and reinstall the 10mm bolt.

Replace the fuel line fuse back into the fuse box under the dash.

With the vital element of good clean fuel back in the mix, your Civic will have no trouble finding the juice to get it up and get out on the open roads.

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