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For less than the cost of most after hours service calls, down time, and frustration… will come to your rescue! These assemblies are not a temporary fix, but a long lasting permanent solution using a great grade of hydraulic hose, fitting & adapter that are built to last.

You’ll always be ready for an unexpected hose failure with made on spot, simple, do it yourself hose assemblies on your time, at your location. They can also be used for preventative maintenance change out too. There is no need for an expensive crimper or cut off saw… the premium hose and fittings from HoseKit are the solution to most on the spot, low and medium use applications.

It takes only minutes to get back to work with our field attachable hydraulic hose repair kits. Simply cut to desired length; attach hose ends; add provided adapters if needed – then get back to the task at hand. No brick and mortar or mobile hose shop can compare to our hose kits. Prevent down time, order your kit today!

Don’t just repair and pray… replace and know!

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