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Hortech – DUE Automatic


Automatic transplanting machine with mulch system layer.

The automatic transplanting machine Due Automatic can transplant square soil blocks (4×4 and/or 5×5) and it consists on an automatic feeding system equipped with a belt which supplies with plants the cups of a vertical transplanting element. Plants are then bedded out by these cups. It can be used individual soil blocks or soil blocks which must be separated. Due Automatic is equipped with a double frame. The two frames are assembled through a parallelogram system and they are independent from each other. The external frame is mounted on four wheels and the internal frame supports the transplanting elements. The working depth is kept constant at all times by a roller, which levels the ground and get the transplanting elements moving. The machine is equipped with a pneumatic and hydraulic independent system and with PTO. The machine is available with or without the mulch system layer (plastic, biodegradable film or cellulose) and it can be either towed by a tractor or self — propelled (mod. Due Matic). The self — propelled machine is equipped with four-wheel drive, with automatic pilot and with engine Kubota (32HP). Due Automatic performance is very high (4000 plants/hour transplanting element) and it is possible to bed out big plants with a well developed leaf apparatus too.

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