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Honda Odyssey Power Steering Fluid Flush


Video demonstrating how to easily flush the power steering fluid and change the filter/fluid reservoir assembly in a 3rd generation Honda Odyssey minivan. This procedure will actually apply to all models of Honda that have hydraulic power steering. i highly recommend that anyone performing this procedure to get plenty of factory Honda fluid, get a new filter/reservoir assembly AND a new reservoir cap that will fit tightly on the new reservoir – the old cap seems to have a very loose fit.

in this particular van the power steering boost at low speeds with abysmal and the power steering pump made a slight whining noise that made it sound like it was starving for fluid – it was b/c Honda at the time of manufacture put in a fluid reservoir that had a too fine of a filter in it that hindered the proper volumetric flow needed for the power steering system to work properly. In my video I show a revised fluid reservoir that Honda released several years ago to address “fluid starvation” problems in their 3rd generation Honda Odysseys.

The flush and new reservoir fixed the whining and lack of low speed power steering boost and the van drives like it has a new power steering system!

The fluid flushing process should take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete and you will need a minimum of 4 bottles of genuine Honda power steering fluid. Pay close attention to the video to ensure that you perform the procedures properly and not make a mess while doing it. I have had plenty of success flushing Honda power steering systems using this method. It is important to make sure that if you have really dirty power steering fluid that you also replace the fluid reservoir at the same time as the filter for the power steering system is actually a silkscreen mesh at the bottom of the reservoir assembly. Fine dirt can and will eventually hinder the properly flow of fluid to your rack and pinion steering system. The cost of the reservoir is cheap – -20 and is cheap insurance to preserve your uber expensive rack and pinion and power steering pump assemblies.

Fluid flushes should be done every 50, 000kms and reservoir changes should be at least every 100, 000kms.

Proper maintenance of your power steering fluid will ensure that the entire power steering system performs for as long as possible before a breakdown occurs. Specifically pumps and seals and internal bearings wear our because of dirty fluid. Much like your engine oil power steering fluid isn’t any different. The fluid is exposed to significant operating temperatures and age and wear on the fluid can lead to premature failure of other fluid related steering components. Not worth saving the tiny amount of money by neglecting maintenance. Car owners focus on engine oil changes so often that they can forget about all the other critical fluids in the car.

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