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Gowe Hydraulic A/c Hose Crimper kit ;ac repair


Manual A/c Hose Crimper kit ;ac repair tools; Handheld crimping crimper;hose machine Dies snap quickly into place requiring no pins or screws Unit can be easily mounted to a bench using the holding fixture (included) or a vice Includes: To 71551 Yoke Assembly To 71552 Arbor To 71553 To 71502 #6(5/16″) Set To 71503 #8(13/32″) To 71504 #10(1/2″) To 71505 #12(5/8″) To 71559 Molded Case Optional reduced barrier sets are available is applicable for beadlocking fitting.
The four of for hose.
The has a base that be to a for easy use,or the be by any vise

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