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GCR Eurodraw SPA


Since 1974 GCR Eurodraw SPA has been designing and manufacturing lines, machines and complete plants for the steel wire industry. The premises occupy an area of 13,000 m2 of which 7,000 m2 of productive area and 2,500 m2 the office area in Pogliano Milanese, close to Milan. GCR Eurodraw has its own liaison and service offices in the USA and in China and it is represented by agents in many countries throughout the world.
GCR Eurodraw supplies high-technology machines not only for the production of steel cord, but also for several different applications of steel wire and cord.
The company has a very high business volume and potential in relation to its size.
All the design work is totally carried out inside the company but also with the help of expert consultants in particular fiends in the industrial mechanics and electronics sectors.
GCR Eurodraw has been supplying leading companies such as Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone and Pirelli with machines and lines for the production of steel cord. Few steel cord plants installed around the world have not been supplied with GCR Eurodraw machines and/or services. A remarkable number of complete plants has been set up in the People’s Republic of China.
GCR Eurodraw is a specialist in machines and lines for the production of steel wire and cord for diverse applications: steel cord for radial tyres, belt cord for conveyor belts, hose wire for high pressure and special hydraulic hoses, tyre bead wire, wire for bearings, wire for electrodes and for welding, wire for springs, wire for staples, wire for special applications, with or without metallic coating (copper, zinc, brass, bronze, nickel, tin and so on), bare and zinc-plated steel and stainless steel strands, cables for cycle, motorcycle, tyre industry, aeronautics, for P.C. wire and RC. strand, Hi-bond wire etc.
GCR’s commitment has led to Certification TUV Management Service ISO 9001 in 1999 which has been re-qualified to the new Certification VISION 2000 in 2002.

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