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Explosive Hand Injury – After The Reconstruction


At age 31 I suffered a severe hand injury due to an explosion resulting from my own ignorance in trying to construct a “better smoke grenade” for skydiving. Bad idea. In this video I describe the outcome of the accident, the surgical reconstruction, the rehabilitation, and some of the things I can do with my hands.

This video is meant to satisfy the curiosity of subscribers to my channel who watch me detail RC airplane construction techniques on the bench, prominently showing my weird hand. I hope this can also serve as an inspiration for anyone who has doubts about their own recovery from a devastating injury, in seeing that a person can really do quite a lot with motivation and determination.

My hand surgeon, to whom I owe the most incredible gratitude, is Dr. Jozef Zoldos in Phoenix.AZ. He did expertly performed the original salvage, the pollicization, and many other surgeries, including several to correct mistakes made by a second surgeon I saw in a different city and who I will not name here.

Chris Reynolds of Desert Hand Therapy in Phoenix was my hand therapist and earns my immense appreciation for his care and diligence in helping me work up to the point I am today.

My wife, my mother, and my sister were incredibly supportive and kept me going through my recovery adventure.

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