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Dry Ice Now Available at Open Source Steel


Open Source Steel Now Offering Dry Ice!

23414 68th Ave S
Kent, WA 98032

Looking for Closed Loop Extraction equipment? We sell High Quality Modular Stainless Steel Closed Loop Extractors.

Viton Gaskets, PTFE Gaskets
Sanitary High Pressure Tri-Clamp Spools
Tri-Clamps (Numerous Sizes)
DIY Lil Terp Kits
Filter Stacks, Filter Paper
Molecular Sieves
Pressure Relief Valves (Brass & Stainless Steel)
Inline Pressure Relief Valves
Solvent Storage & Recovery Tanks
Mounting Clamps (Numerous Sizes)
Shatter Platters
Dip Tubes
Numerous Fittings
Extractor Lids

We Can Do Custom!

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Our customers compliment our customer service and safe extractor design.

Open Source Steel LLC is a modular stainless steel supplier, specializing in high end and custom closed loop solvent extraction systems. We’re the premier supplier and an innovator in our market place. Custom solvent tanks, reducers, fittings, hoses, our products are pressure tested and industry standard compliant stainless steel, designed with closed loop solvent extraction in mind. We’ve brought innovative designs to the marketplace and provide supplies to now thousands of extraction artists and companies for hundreds of thousands of grams of quality extracted material.

Closed Loop Extractor
Closed Loop Extraction
Closed Loop Extractors
Closed Loop

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