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Dougs ram pump update #4 7-9-2016


It has been 8 years since I made the first video. Here are the results after 8 years of operation. I figured it was about time to update after 8 years. This pump has run non stop for 7 of every 12 months for the last 8 years. Most of the people who are building these things do not have to rely on them for life sustenance. I absolutely do. If my rams were to quit everything in my world would die from lack of water. It is imperative that I keep them working and working well. after much trial and error they are now the heart beat of my world so I know a bit about what works and what don’t work. Plastic parts are out and so is swing check valves. Any metal to metal contact and they will fail as I have learned. I see far to many people trying to build with plastic and that will not do when your world depends on your pumps.

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