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Dimple Die with a wheel bearing race


Use a zip tie or hose clamp around the bearing race incase it shatters (so use at your own risk). Cheap diy Dimple die metal steel or aluminum using a honda/Acura wheel bearing races. The hole is 1-3/8″. The bearings in this video are from the front of a 1997 Acura Integra and the rear of a Honda/Acura with rear disk brakes. Say 1992-2000 civic , 1990 integra.
You need to match the lip diameter of the smaller race with the larger so I cut a ring from a 2.5″ washer with a 1-3/4″ hole saw. When both races have the same size OD they will squeeze together the metal and make it flat after the dimple has been pressed. If one is smaller it will get pushed into the larger race and the metal will stay deformed.
I tried it on .125 (1/8″) steel but it seems my 20 ton hydraulic jack has air or a leak as it was losing pressure. Works no problem on .065 aluminum, 16 gauge steel and .032 steel sheet. You could probably find a bigger hub race from a larger vehicle such as an MDX or Pilot but don’t have any access to other bearings to try.
You could try to center them by welding a washer with a bolt in the middle perhaps, I eye balled everything in the video.

A cheap alternative for your fabrication projects such as roll cage gussets.

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