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Dalong C3 Pneumatic Sole Attaching Machine 3


Dalong C3 Sole Attaching Machine is widely used in sports shoes, casual shoe or any other smooth large rubber sole shoes. Adopted PLC program controller and hydraulic system.

This machine has the adjusting shoe height function. The operation mode is according to the safety standard. Only if pressing down the “STOP” button, the machine safety program will open the door to avoid any damage.

The operating mode is to put the large sole up to the pre-setting position and preset the AUTO/MANUAL function.

AUTO Function: put the shoe on the right position, the cover will close automatically when hand pulling out off the working area. The air inlet at same time. The machine will work automatically according to the pre-setting time.

MANUAL function: put the shoe on the right position, after the hand pulling out off the working area, pressing down the working button and the following program is same as the AUTO Function.

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