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Custom hydraulic cylinder steering systems for a luxury fishing boat or yatch


Custom hydraulic cylinder steering system

Today we are taking a look at another project the RG Group has been working on this week. It is a bit different from the OEM Engineered Railcar Dumper Hydraulic Power Unit we discussed in the last blog post but it’s a pretty uniquely interesting project and something we are really proud of. This is a Hydraulic Steering System for one of our customers who is large in the marine industry. They are an OEM of boats which means that they build luxury sport fishing boats and yachts and then sell them all over the world. Our Marine Systems team has been working with this company for several years but recently they patented a design that allows for the steering of a boat to be more responsive than ever before. This is a uniquely designed product that our engineering team helped to create and will help (“has helped” if it is already on the market) our customer achieve a competitive advantage in their industry.

What the Hydraulic Steering System does is if you can imagine yourself driving a 60 to 70 foot yacht while going 30 knots on the Chesapeake Bay and needed to dodge something or you needed to turn quickly this system allows you to basically turn on a dime at high speeds. How it works specifically is on the rod of the cylinder you can see etches that are actually position feedback that is telling the boat operators what to do. As the cylinder moves in and out those etches on the rod go back to a censor that leads back to the control interface and allows the boat owner the ability to see exactly how and where the boat is steering making it easier for them to avoid any potential collisions in the water.

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