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CR&Rs Peterbilt 310 – Heil Rapid Rail!


Where do I begin.. Awesome day.
First off, a huge thanks to everyone at CR&R for making this possible. Never before have I felt that welcome by a company. Not enough good things to say about them.

This truck is a spare so it doesnt work regularly. This truck wasnt scheduled to run any time soon, so the good people at CR&R said they would take this truck out on route JUST FOR US. They even waited to start the route until we got there (since it was a small route) Cant thank you all enough.

Dont worry guys, this trucks not as slow as the first clips show. In fact, we got to see something no one else has filmed yet. This truck just had new hydraulic hoses put on, so there was no pressure in the lines. After the first cycle the driver said “give it about 10 minutes and it’ll start hummin” and that was a huge releif to us since we like to see old trucks move. So you will see it progressively get faster as it goes. And there is no shortage of revving here either. This is one of the meanest sounding Pete 310s on film. Right up there with Scotts EDCO front loader in my opinion 🙂 I love the sound of the pump whining at 1:23 – 1:28 just to be followed by the roar upon acceleration. I can listen to that all day long! Then the curves of this cab… it REALLY suits the rapid rail body. This is pretty much my dream truck since I grew up with these. I just wish there was a way I could buy it to restore.

This is an Ex-Oxnard or Port Hueneme truck, and man does it sound nice from the street side of the truck. You dont hear too many trucks that purr like that with these strict emissions laws… The other 310 RR they have used to be an old City of Hemet truck. Almost all their other automated trucks are Ex-Los Angeles. So a lot of good stuff in one spot IMO. Now I have to catch the Stagg front loader they have. 🙂

Again, huge thanks to everyone involved. This was easily one of the best days I have had filming. This truck pretty much sums up my love for these older Peterbilts.

Oh, and I didnt intend to stop recording at 6:30 ish. Was an accident. Hope you can forgive me 😀

Collecting the recycling in Cherry Valley CA

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