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Coola Hydrojet, Oral Irrigator Hydraulically Powered by Tap Water, Quick Connect, Pressure Control


Coola Hydrojet Oral Irrigator is hydraulically powered by tap water, requiring neither a bulky water tank nor a noisy motor to operate. Thanks to the patented faucet adapter, Coola Hydrojet is a one-of-its-kind oral irrigator that connects to a faucet in less than a second and makes use of the hydraulic power of tap water to generate strong water jet floss that is capable of cleaning where floss or a toothpick isn’t. Connecting the hose to a faucet via the adapter and engaging the tip with the handle is all that is needed to put it to work. It’s as easy and fast as 1-2-3. Additionally a 4-speed dial on the handle adjusts the strength of the water jet floss and caters to individual needs for interdental cleansing. Without a bulky water tank and a noisy motor, Coola Hydrojet Oral Irrigator is as lightweight and compact as an oral irrigator can be and is highly portable. In short, Coola Hydrojet is an ideal oral care companion.

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Family Kit

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Coola 酷樂沖牙機免用電,無蓄水箱,藉由專利設計的水龍頭轉接頭可在1秒內與水龍頭快速連結,利用自來水的水壓自然產生強有力的水柱,清潔一般牙籤及牙線無法清潔的死角,其清潔牙間的效果也比其他潔牙工具更徹底。酷樂沖牙機的另一貼心設計是位於把手上的4段水柱強度(壓力)調整紐,讓使用者依個人需要調整水柱強度。不須蓄水箱,沒有吵人的馬達聲,酷樂沖牙機既精巧又輕便,只需花3秒將水管接上水龍頭,將噴嘴卡入把手,打開水龍頭,即可開始潔牙。Coola 酷樂沖牙機輕巧,便於隨身攜帶,是空腔保健的必備良品。

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